Good Girls Get Vajazzled Too!

Completely Bare's Vajazzle

GoodGirlPR was vajazzled!  There has been a huge buzz about the new service, and of course, we had to see what has everyone talking.

The Vajazzle

Last Saturday, Completely Bare Spa opened up its doors to GoodGirlPR.  The New York based spa is known for its hair removal services and is responsible for making the service add-on so popular.  Celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt have admitted to being vajazzled.

After a brazilian wax, an esthetician decorates your newly bare region with a Swarovski crystal tattoo in the design of your choice.  We choose butterflies! Being vajazzled was a quick and painless process, and we recommend the service to anyone who wants to surprise that special someone or just do it for yourself.

-DJ Nickiee


2 responses to “Good Girls Get Vajazzled Too!

  1. So THIS is vajazzled. In all honesty I haven’t even been able to get to the brazillion stage. I’m about keeping the hedges trimmed for now. The other sounds a bit too painful.

    • Actually if you take advil before the first time it’s not as painful. In addition, places like Completely Bare use their own wax. After the first time and if you go every four weeks, it’s a piece of cake. Try it! It will change your life (smile).

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