Kool Kaftans

Kaftans are a middle Eastern style that some of our top American designers have taken and modernized.  Roberto Cavalli and Gucci have embraced this look and added it to their clothing lines.

This top comes in many different patterns and materials and generally has a plunging neckline that is embellished with beads or crochet stitching.  It can either be worn at a long length like a maxi dress, or as short as a top. Either way, you can bring out your exotic side in this billowy frock.-Chloe



Essence Magazine ‘Highlights’ Newly Released Noël new york Clip-ins



Nickie E. Robinson


Essence Magazine ‘Highlights’ Newly Released Noël new york Clip-ins

(New York, NY – July 1, 2010) The secret is out.  We now know that clip-in hair is the easiest way to give your look a glamorous accent without the stress of a permanent change.  Celebrities like Rihanna and Chrisette Michele know that the way to “switch it up” and stay fresh is with clip-ins like the new line offered by celebrity hair stylist Noël Reid-Killings of Noël new york.

Noël’s new line of clip-in hair is featured in the August issue of Essence Magazine hitting newsstands this weekend.  The clips are available beginning July 1st on NoelNewYork.com.

Across the industry, the utility and flexibility which clips provide have stylists raving.  Here’s what Rihanna’s stylist had to say about clips in Essence’s August Issue:

“Clip-ons are great because they cause zero damage to the hair, and there’s no commitment. You can have a blond highlight today and red the next.”

Noël new york’s clip-in hair line is uniquely handmade and uses 100% human hair.  The clips come in 14 exciting colors ranging from the traditional Black to Electric Blue, Funky, Gold Rush and Noël new york’s special blend, Milk Chocolate.

With her range on full display, Noël is also featured in the “STRANDS” section of this month’s Essence giving advice about making the basic bob hairstyle more unique.  If your hairstyling choices are becoming mundane and predictable, Noël says,

“Try a dramatic asymmetric cut with long layers on one side and shorter blunt cut on the other for an edgy rock star vibe.”

As a master stylist, Noël specializes in the art of total image enhancement by maximizing individual beauty, brilliance and style.  Noël’s mission is to encourage self-confidence and self-appreciation starting with the hair.  Known industry wide for Alicia Keys’ transformation from her signature braids to a more chic style; Noël has created key looks for Chrisette Michelle and Ciara and has worked with numerous actors including Phylicia Rashad, Densie Vasi, Lauren Conrad, and Heidi Montag.

Her experience includes styling in some of New York’s top salons such as Warren Tricomi, Kevin Mancuso, and she is currently a resident stylist at the John Barrett Salon located inside the legendary Bergdorf Goodman department store.


Bows, Bows, Bows

Bow headbands may sound a bit juvenile, but they’re proving to be more than a fleeting trend.  There is something about this look that channels your inner innocence while still remaining high fashion.  Not only have celebs been seen out and about donning this child-like accessory, but it has made its way to runways as well. Is this something you can see yourself trying out?-Chloe


Futuristic Shoes

Everyone is buzzing about Raphael Young’s shoe masterpieces, including Lady GaGa herself.  If you’re looking for a collection of shoes that’ll make you stand out from the rest, look no farther.  Each pump, boot, and wedge sports different cubes, cut-outs and futuristic shapes.  Raphael is a shoe genius and every girl deserves to indulge in a pair.-Chloe


Pucker Up

It looks to me like Barbie has some competition.  Candy-colored kisses are in, and lately, pink has been the shade of choice taking over lips everywhere.  The next time you’re getting ready to go out, let your lips take center stage.  There are a countless number of shades of pink to choose from and experiment with.  My only advice would be to do subtle make-up on the rest of your face.  If you don’t, you could quickly find yourself going from cute to clown. Find a hue that works for you and hit the town.  Who knows, maybe your pink pout will even attract your very own Ken.-Chloe


Be a Choosey Chick

Recently, Good Girl PR had the pleasure of being introduced to an adorable clothing brand.  ‘Choosey Chicks’ is a new apparel company founded by  Jessie Harrison and Sara Cook, with a line that boasts belts, tops, and other stylish pieces.  What sets this brand apart from others, is it’s ability to make fashionable and inspirational go hand in hand.  Each T-shirt is adorned in cute designs and empowering statements such as, “Choose compassion”, “Choose Love”, and “Choose happiness.”  Everything we do in life is shaped by a choice that we’ve made at one moment or another.  I choose to be a ‘Choosey Chick’, you should too.-Chloe


Red Carpet Ready Skin

The official day of summer is fast approaching, June 21st to be exact. But in many areas of the country, the heat of the summer is already upon us and guess what that means…less clothes and more skin!We all want to achieve a natural glow, and we hear that Dr. Miracle’s My Goodbye Acne System TM has what it takes to remove impurities, help reduce blemishes, and attack bacteria which results in acne. Head, shoulders, knees or toes (well maybe not knees and toes…never heard of acne on the knees and toes!), but definitely your face, shoulders, and chest can all benefit from My Goodbye Acne System.

Available products include:

  • Exfoliating Cleanser – Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes clogging dirt, oil and impurities leaving skin fresh and clean.
  • Regenerating Toner – This soothing, skin balancing formula revitalizes and deeply penetrates to remove excess oil, revealing refreshed toned skin.
  • Tingling Repairing Lotion – Fast working medicine dries up blackheads and blemishes while attacking bacteriTingling Repairing Lotion – Fast working medicine dries up blackheads and blemishes while attacking bacteria to clear up acne.

I’ve already started my summer skin care regimen as I suffer from extremely dry skin. I start early in the summer by using lots of moisturizing cream combined with aloe gel and do my best to maintain a distance from direct sunlight.  If you use Dr. Miracle’s My Goodbye Acne System or plan to start, keep us updated on the results by commenting on this posting. Even if you don’t, let us know what your summer skin care regimen is so we can learn some new tips!