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Spice It Up

Cinnamon isn’t just for the top of your oatmeal.  Sprinkle a little into your wardrobe this season.  Mustard yellows, cinnamon reds, nutmeg browns, and sage greens, are all apart of the warm dusty color palate celebs have been spotted in.  This is the perfect alternative to all of the bright neon colors that have taken center stage this summer.-Chloe



Ahoy, Matey!

Hit the seas in bold sailor stripes.  This nautical trend is a timeless look that is always in fashion.  Stripes look amazing paired with gold jewelry and denim.  Red accents also compliment the blue and white contrasting stripes very nicely.

Anchor any  reservations you may have and dive head first into this navy chic trend.  Whatever you do, don’t steer away from making a splash this summer.-Chloe


Clowning Around

High fashion has been forcing out the “kid”‘ in all of us this season.  It’s near impossible to not find yourself revisiting your childhood when trying out pieces from some of the hottest designer’s 2010 lines.  Overalls, rompers, and big bow headbands are just a few examples of the  “circus”  inspired clothing that is becoming all the rage.  I can remember excitedly going to the circus and being entranced with all the fun colors.  Clown around with this look by being as adventurous and creative as you’ll allow yourself to be.-Chloe


Kool Kaftans

Kaftans are a middle Eastern style that some of our top American designers have taken and modernized.  Roberto Cavalli and Gucci have embraced this look and added it to their clothing lines.

This top comes in many different patterns and materials and generally has a plunging neckline that is embellished with beads or crochet stitching.  It can either be worn at a long length like a maxi dress, or as short as a top. Either way, you can bring out your exotic side in this billowy frock.-Chloe


Futuristic Shoes

Everyone is buzzing about Raphael Young’s shoe masterpieces, including Lady GaGa herself.  If you’re looking for a collection of shoes that’ll make you stand out from the rest, look no farther.  Each pump, boot, and wedge sports different cubes, cut-outs and futuristic shapes.  Raphael is a shoe genius and every girl deserves to indulge in a pair.-Chloe


Pucker Up

It looks to me like Barbie has some competition.  Candy-colored kisses are in, and lately, pink has been the shade of choice taking over lips everywhere.  The next time you’re getting ready to go out, let your lips take center stage.  There are a countless number of shades of pink to choose from and experiment with.  My only advice would be to do subtle make-up on the rest of your face.  If you don’t, you could quickly find yourself going from cute to clown. Find a hue that works for you and hit the town.  Who knows, maybe your pink pout will even attract your very own Ken.-Chloe


Be a Choosey Chick

Recently, Good Girl PR had the pleasure of being introduced to an adorable clothing brand.  ‘Choosey Chicks’ is a new apparel company founded by  Jessie Harrison and Sara Cook, with a line that boasts belts, tops, and other stylish pieces.  What sets this brand apart from others, is it’s ability to make fashionable and inspirational go hand in hand.  Each T-shirt is adorned in cute designs and empowering statements such as, “Choose compassion”, “Choose Love”, and “Choose happiness.”  Everything we do in life is shaped by a choice that we’ve made at one moment or another.  I choose to be a ‘Choosey Chick’, you should too.-Chloe